Video: Wiz Khalifa, “Taylor Gang”

Family Matters ran on television from 1989-1998. This video is the too-real imagination of what might have happened in a Winslow-type family home (ruffle kitchen curtains, checkerboard plamats) had the whole crew cleared out and a bunch of mind-twirled kids with enough money to buy furry hats and matching hoods moved in, had the finest California flavors airlifted from Cali and bought a Bowflex on HSN. This is better than the “Roll Up” video cause it’s authentically Wiz, true to his DayToday practice.

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  1. bloggers says:

    none of that makes any sense.

    it’s like a big jumble of words.

  2. froggers says:

    also were is the video? jesus

  3. bort says:

    i think we’re supposed to imagine what the video would be from that description.

  4. Naomi Zeichner says:

    Y’alll was a glitch, now it’s fixed