Grass Widow and Trash Kit Tour Diary + Video

April 12, 2011

Grass Widow and Trash Kit took a little tour of the U.K. recently and documented every rolling hill they climbed and each picturesque field they skipped through. So inspired were they by the scenery, they filmed a commemorative tour video that we're lucky to share with you here, along with a few words by Widow's Hannah Lew about the experience. Check it out.

We started a tour with Trash Kit last autumn. Chris from Upset The Rhythm set us up on sort of a blind date tour of the U.K. and we totally hit it off. We hit it off so well with them and their roadie Jonathon that we decided to make a joint music video. I had brought my super 8 camera with some of the last of my kodachrome and we convinced Bochay to direct a music video for us on our day off in the peak district.

We just tromped around the moors with our instruments, filming stuff. Bochay—who had just been in Turkey working on an a archaeology project—was on a mission to find standing stones in the area. In the process of seeking out those standing stones we filmed our video amongst the stone walls.

Andrew found this skull while we were shooting our video. We somehow snuck it back home with us.

Grass Widow and Trash Kit Tour Diary + Video