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Stream: Ruby Pins, “Chameleon”

There’s a strange, looking-through-your-grandmother’s-perfume-collection eeriness to this first video from Ruby Pins, the long-in-the-making side project of Grasswidow drummer and vocalist Lillian Maring. Maring recorded the bulk of her self-titled debut last summer using nothing … read more »

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Video: Grass Widow Plays Music for Gorillas at the Zoo

Grass Widow are part of a project called Music For Animals, which, as the name suggests, is dedicated to having bands play songs for a variety of species. They recently performed for gorillas at the … read more »

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Grass Widow and Trash Kit Tour Diary + Video

Grass Widow and Trash Kit took a little tour of the U.K. recently and documented every rolling hill they climbed and each picturesque field they skipped through. So inspired were they by the scenery, they … read more »

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Stream + MP3s: Grass Widow and Everyone Do The Nerves

Are you still wondering what cassette you want to pop into your kinda cool new/old cassette player that your dad gave you for Christmas after he won it on eBay in the last five seconds? … read more »

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The FADER Issue 70 Podcast MP3

Man, do we have a John Boehner (no Tea Party) for our FADER 70 podcast. It’s a grimy one, reading cover to cover, staring with Yelawolf and ending with Trash Talk. In between, we’ve got … read more »

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GEN F: Grass Widow

Grass Widow won’t admit to having predecessors. The San Francisco trio is newly signed to legendary label Kill Rock Stars, an originator and subsequent hotbed of riot grrrl and all of its subsets of dewy, … read more »

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Video Premiere: Grass Widow, “Give Me Shapes”

This is maybe the fourth Grass Widow video to be shot in stop motion. It’s not that they’re lazy, we dont’ think, but more that a disjointed shake fits their music’s jangle like white on … read more »

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Video Premiere: Grass Widow, “11 of Diamonds”

Not a bad move for Grass Widow to stick with the black and white color palette for videos, since their ghostly vocal harmonies have always conjured up images of old jangly silent movies and Victorian … read more »

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Video: Grass Widow, "Fried Egg"

Best punk rock flipbook ever.


Video: Grass Widow, “Fried Egg”

Grass Widow is big on shooting videos on hills. What’s up with that, guys? Granted, the whole sustained scenery thing looks pretty cool, and “Fried Egg,” is vice-grip tight. Falsetto vocals careening over elastic bass … read more »

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