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Art Show: Andrew Kuo's "My List of Demands"

For our series Art Show, FADER heads to the current gallery show of an artist and has them show us around. In this edition, we spoke with Andrew Kuo.

Andrew Kuo takes a lot of iPhone photos, blogs a lot, generally writes tweets about his platonic relationship with the internet. He's a man of the modern era, which is not always the common realm of the artist. That is the gallery, which is where we caught up with Kuo about his new show, "My List of Demands." Some of it has internet vibes, some of it is flowers, a bunch of it is Kuo's beloved charts, his graphic representations of tiny, self-conscious koans lettered at the bottom of the pieces. His gallery, Taxter and Spengemann, has lovingly cataloged those words so those of you not present in New York City can get a sense of Kuo's brain. With similar desire, we went to "My List of Demands" and had Kuo show us around. See for yourself through the end of April at 459 West 18th Street.

Art Show: Andrew Kuo's "My List of Demands"