Lil B is Gay, Verified

At his Coachella performance, Lil B, spirited as usual, announced that, because “words don’t mean shit,” he is going to make a record called I’m Gay. Words, of course, mean lots of things, which B is not unaware of, and he quickly clarified that he loves women, but that gay also means happy. It also means homosexual, which, in rap, is the more prevalent definition (shout to Mister Cee). If he actually does release an album called I’m Gay, B will certainly be stirring the pot, but what might make it sizzle is to actually say that he is gay. Or that he is bisexual. Or that he falls in somewhere on the LBGTQ scale. Barring that, he clearly is a spiritual graduate of the Gay-Straight Student Alliance, whatever side he sits on. Watch the video of B’s announcement above. And, for those of you who know his words are ones to live by, last week Twitter blessedly verified Lil B’s account with their turquoise stamp of approval. Just in case you thought someone else was re-tweeting every @ he gets.

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  1. The Doc says:

    Ummm….This is just for publicity. I have NO clue why Lil B is so damn popular. Lyrically his music is trash…and the production is mediocre at best.

  2. TheKidWithFro says:

    People don’t seem to understand that Lil B is breaking the barriers of the Rap and Hip Hop scene. His saying I’m gay isn’t new, He has a song called I’m a Fag i’m a lesbian. Lil B’s based movement is all about taking the negative and turning it into a positive. Originally Gay meant happy, Lil B is just going back to the original connotation. Artists/Visionaries like B are ahead of their time and people will never be able to fully understand everything thats going on in his head.

  3. Darius says:

    I don’t commend or knock him for it. It is what it is. It’s a decision he’s made by choosing to title his album “I’m Gay.” I don’t even know the kid but most importantly, it’s about his music. People will make it about other things. People talk and that’s what’s giving this kid a name right now. That’s life.

  4. Adam says:

    “people will never be able to fully understand everything thats going on in his head.”


  5. Dyani says:

    Ugh He is a re-tweeter? I can’t stand artists that re-tweet every compliment they get.

  6. Ronin says:

    I never did and I still don’t understand why Fader is basically trying to push this guy. There isn’t one track that I have liked form this guy. I don’t think that Lil B even understands what is going on in his own head.

  7. SARAH PALIN says:

    @Ronin try listening to “Age of Information” “Cold War” “B.O.R (birth of rap)” “D.O.R (death of rap)” “Chasing the rain” or his frshmen xxl 2011 freestyle. he definitely udnerstands what’s going on in his head.

  8. L.o.Fcking.L says:

    So many things going on here, ahahahahaha
    First of all he calls him self the “Based God”. Has no body else thought of what in the fuck that means? Based means smoked right the fuck out on crack. So he’s so cracked out he think’s hes God? ahaha,
    and he’s gay now too? Gay sex + crack use = a recipe for AIDS muhfucka!

  9. AxeSomebody says:

    Here’s my take. The hype around Lil B has skyrocketed since the MTVu awards. I was interested in hearing his tracks, but dude’s so prolific, it’s hard to know where to begin. Wonton Soup, I guess? So, I still didn’t really know shit about the Based God, but I had to check out his live show. That’s me in the video, shrouded in the pink plaid. ["White people can't even go outside without getting a disease."] But I can tell you this. That boy has presence. All eyes were on him. Passers-by were lured to the outskirts of the treehouse dome by the playground energy. Next thing you know, Tyler is crowd surfacing up to the stage. How was the actual music though? Loud. Messy. It was almost secondary to witnessing what I hope is a passing of the guard in hip-hop. Suddenly, gays are cool. Gangsters are lame. And if you want to skip the Rick Ross guest appearance in favor of rocking out with a horde of ballerinas, fuck it. Do your thing. And, since no one is talking about it, it’s worth mentioning that Tinie Tempah had one of the hottest sets of the weekend. That party rap rave shit was polished and ready for the main stage.

  10. casa says:

    the fact we are commenting on this says a lot… he is controversial.

  11. dave simm says:

    it’s ironic that people are saying he must be pro-gay cause his lyrics are as misogynistic as the next rapper and he even calls people faggots in his music. it’s all about buzz and hype. i also find it ironic that the only people trumpeting this new wave of gay friendly or gay oriented rap music lil b is making are white folks. black people in the rap game do NOT want to be colored as either thugs or homos, as this has been the way whites have portrayed blacks in the entertainment industry for years. blacks were either perceived as being violent brainless animals or weak, effeminate homosexuals, so i can see why so many in the rap game would disagree with what lil b’s doing. white people love the exotic allure of an effeminate rapper tho.

  12. DyaniMad says:

    Dyani, not that big of a deal. Lol. It’s twitter, go figure.