Video: Nicki Minaj Gets Interviewed By Drake, Gives Him Scary Look

Sway caught up with Nicki Minaj and Drake for MTV and was probably so overwhelmed by the mutual sexual tension that he just let the two interview each other and stayed completely quiet. Drake asks Nicki cute questions about how cute she is and it’s really cute. But right at the 1:15 moment, Drake reaches into his pocket to check his phone in the middle of one of Nicki’s responses and the look she gives him is profound, a split-second glare that we feel like might be a glass window into Nicki’s true no-bullshit attitude. Bitch is pissed! And we don’t blame her, her time is precious and no text message that Drake gets could be more important than talking to the Queen.

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  1. Judnick Mayard says:

    she gave him the blink of death and the side eye of the 9th circle.