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Stream: Kristmas' Album W-2 Boy


Kristmas' whole thing is that he's a legit member of the workforce. He's got a job on the books and is definitely going to tell you about it. It's grown man rap in the most literal sense possible, THERE IS A STATUE OF KRISTMAS IN A TIE ON THE COVER—and normally you'd expect that to be boring spread across a whole album. But it's not! Much of that can be attributed to Kristmas' voice, which is so full-bodied and eccentric that it's fun to hear him say pretty much anything. And there's also the production: more signature Huntsville twilight melancholy, except when Kristmas gets angry like on "Slavin" and "Society Sayz."

Stream: Kristmas, W-2 Boy

Stream: Kristmas' Album W-2 Boy