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Video: Big Boi f. Janelle Monae, "Be Still"

Big Boi's looking about-his-business and right at home—walking through a digital ghetto with his sis Janelle Monae silently stunting in her Chanel cape, drinking Crown Royal and talking to girls in what looks like somebody's basement den and shooting dice on the corner with his Dungeon Family. Twan's always been a southern boy at heart and about the simple things. This is one of our favorite songs on his almost year-old album, because it plays like a lullaby and is sonically perfect. If we don't completely understand the visuals, it may be more because we have yet to become as comfortable with ourselves and our place in life as Big Boi is. When our young hearts get there, maybe we'll also realize that we have nothing to prove. (via P4k)

Video: Big Boi f. Janelle Monae, "Be Still"