Daily Inspiration: Mister Cee’s Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Tribute Mix

lisa left eye lopes

Recently stained DJ (and locus of the evolving conversation on homosexuality/homophobia in hip-hop, until Lil B stepped in) Mister Cee gifted this to New York during his lunch time throwback hour. Lisa Lopes shared what it meant to be and feel unpretty but strong before the world knew the Based God, and passed almost a decade ago today. She was a deep-feeling, self-assertive, sometimes heedless woman who, at the end of things, treated her body well and cared a lot about numerology and astrology.

Download: Mister Cee’s Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Tribute Mix

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  3. antwan says:

    this made my morning so much better. thanks yall.

  4. YouBoreMe says:

    Is this post about Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez? Is this post about Mister Cee? Or is this post about Lil B?

    On the anniversary of Left Eye’s death I would hope that anyone writing about a tribute in her honor would be able to focus for four sentences. Alas, that is not possible when it is hot news to write about the rumored homosexuality of a Hot 97 DJ or Lil B’s upcoming album. Mister Cee is pertinent to the post because he created the Tribute to Left Eye (which is good and obviously was not listened to by the writer). Any scandal related to Mister Cee is irrelevant…but since you went there…

    In your previous post (http://www.thefader.com/2011/04/04/boy-stop-lil-cease-tells-his-truth-mister-cee-arrested-for-sex-act/) you agree with mediatakeout.com, hoping that this situation will start a “more OPEN and HONEST discussion about HOMOSEXUALITY in hip hop.” By referring to Mr Cee as “stained” I think you are doing exactly the opposite. “Stained” would imply that he is somehow ruined, and that would be offensive and incredibly counterproductive to the sentiment you presented in your previous post. But, again, this post isn’t about Mister Cee.

    The even more ridiculous addition to this three sentence post is Lil B. The man is contemplating naming his album, “I’m Gay.” The only way that this would have anything to do with the article is if you were showing more ways that homosexuality and hip hop are in the news right now. Maybe showing how the Mister Cee situation has encouraged some Hip Hop artists to challenge the notion that it is inappropriate to be a homosexual involved in Hip Hop. Maybe…but that still has NOTHING to do with Left Eye.

    Then to tie all of this together you mention how Left Eye knew what it meant to feel unpretty, yet strong. What? Could? You? Possibly? Be? Referring? To? Who is unpretty in this post? A possibly homosexual, legendary DJ? Lil B? I don’t even have an answer to that.

    Basically you wrote a round about post about an incredible artist that has impacted anyone who ACTUALLY listed to her. You gave a link to TLC’s number one single, “Unpretty” without mentioning TLC at all. And you’ve managed to offend some of Hip Hop’s greatest and some of your readership.

    Maybe I’ll be able to win trivia one night by all the fun facts I learned about Left Eye.
    “Who is Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez?”
    “Um, a deep feeling astrologist?”

    Please stop writing while _____. Fill in the blank. Stop doing whatever that is. Then try again

  5. jingles says:

    Lisa Lopes and TLC were the greatest girl group of all time.

  6. Fader Reader But... says:

    YouBoreMe hit the nail on the head. Naomi is dragging thefader.com website to the dumps. She can’t even focus coherently for a paragraph. Ugh! I know so many writers who would gladly annihilate this broad with their pen games. Naomi- do better. You suck. Tremendously.