Video + MP3: Selebrities, “Can’t Make Up My Mind”

90 percent sure Brooklyn’s Selebrities are just in a garage here, and starting now that’s where we want every debut* video filmed. It feels honest when the first shot is from the front, nothing too crazy beside flashing lights and pretty people shaking their hair. 56 seconds in—was that a little neo-darkwave Lex Luger effect?—is Selebrities in a nutshell, the tragic way Maria Usbeck starts singing before she opens her eyes and, when she knows you’re watching, stares right through you. The trio’s brilliant, nostalgic-pop Delusions comes out May 17th on Cascine.

Download: Selebrities, “Can’t Make Up My Mind”

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  2. Martina says:

    Theres alot good hiphop. You should check out The Roots for example:Pierce Cruise or You got me. Check out their live stuff its great.