Bloomberg Blasts Diddy For NYPD Favors

April 27, 2011

As a rule, rappers are supposed to hate the cops, but it seems that Diddy is warming up to the NYPD. According to the New York Post, Mayor Bloomberg launched a probe into the NYPD "after it confirmed leading a Midtown motorcade for rap mogul Sean 'Diddy' Combs so he could make a $75,000 gig in New Jersey—at the request of a dry cleaner." The escort was apparently requested after plans to fly Diddy in a helicopter went south (but not in the direction of New Jersey). "The bottom line is the Police Department should treat everybody exactly the same." Bloomberg stated. "If you don't get a police escort, P. Diddy shouldn't." According to the NYPD:

After being repeatedly rebuffed by police officers on the street—and a police lieutenant at the station house—a dry cleaner claiming to represent Sean Combs [Diddy] apparently prevailed upon a sergeant to direct a police van driven by a police officer to escort Combs.

Not sure why Diddy's having his dry cleaner do his dirty work, but enjoying the pun nonetheless. (via Page 6)

Posted: April 27, 2011
Bloomberg Blasts Diddy For NYPD Favors