Is This the Biggest Backpack in the World?


What are you supposed to put in a backpack this big? High Fydelity‘s behemoth could fit a small person. In-house jock Duncan Cooper says he remembers packs this big from his hockey days, but damn dudes, this thing is so gigantic it makes our grown-ass model J look like a 7th grader.

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  1. iD the Poet says:

    damn you could fit up to 3 small rappers in there

  2. jayagz says:

    this backpack is much, much bigger:

    go jansport!

  3. JaySpaceE says:

    Though I would never condone it its perfect for snatching up items at the mall. Reasoning behind that -because when the security guard sticks his hand in there to get the item, he will be sucked into the black hole that is that bag.

  4. andre says:

    i cant find it anywhere on the site! i need one! :)

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