Jensen Sportag’s The Wet Mix MP3

jensen sportag

Nashville duo Jensen Sportag‘s 14-minute “Wet Mix” follows the thematic trajectory of February’s Pure Wet EP, a masterpiece cross of supermarket pop, pitched up R&B and disco-glam. Pieces of the EP—like the time-capsule of a guitar riff from “Jareaux,”—work their way into the mix, but only as fragments in a sea of half-ideas and reference points. There’s the slightest glimpse of a Ready for the World “Love You Down” cover at 5:40, and a taste of the closing bars of Shirley Murdock’s “As We Lay.” The Pure Wet EP lingers because it feels so ageless, and this mix only pushes that vibe further. You truly can’t tell where the sample ends and the new material begins. Free windbreaker to the first person to identify the song at 9:05, can’t tell you how many times we’ve rewinded that bit.

Download: Jensen Sportag’s The Wet Mix

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  1. JensenWong says:

    @9:05 is luther vandross – you are my lady. free windbreaker?! btw, hot mix.

  2. mon and jenny says:

    you are my lady, freddie jackson.

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