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FADER Mix: Jensen Sportag

On the Discogs.com listing for their first-ever release, an untitled full-length from 2006, Jensen Sportag categorized their style as “corrido, electro, chip tune, poetry,” and I think those descriptors still suit their unclassifiable dream-pop aesthetic … read more »

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Stream: Jensen Sportag, “One Lane Lovers”

FADER PREMIERE Jensen Sportag, the inscrutable Nashville duo of Austin Wilkinson and Benji Craig, makes quirky glitch-pop tunes that are often overlooked. I would say that it’s misunderstood, but that might imply that I understand … read more »

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Stream: Jensen Sportag, “Bellz”

Nice little cool smooth jam from Nashville duo Jensen Sportag, who make everything sound so easy breezy even while each song is actually layered painstakingly and intricately with vocals on top of sounds on top … read more »

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erika spring!

Erika Spring, “Hidden (Jensen Sportag Remix) MP3

Nashville duo Jensen Sportag turn Brooklyn songstress Erika Spring’s call-in-the-cavalry “Hidden” into a loosy-goosey, rolling-down-the-river disco song with slicing strings and zigzagging guitars. It all begs for awkward-sexy dancing—is there any other kind? Erika Spring’s … read more »

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Stream: Madi Diaz, “Down We Go (Jensen Sportag’s Trust Fall Remix)”

The most beautiful songs get here by the broken time machines in producers’ brains. A couple guys think up all the best ideas from decades ago and translate them one day in a studio, filtered … read more »

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Kenneth Cole Reaction Re-Play Mix #4

Stream and download the fourth of four mixes in our Kenneth Cole Reaction Re-Play series. Geographically speaking, this final mix is our most globe-trotting, showcasing inspiring turns from artists from California to Nashville to Gothenburg, … read more »

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body haiku2

Jensen Sportag’s Body Haiku Mix MP3

Like everything their keyboard fingers touch, Jensen Sportag‘s Body Haiku mix for Modular’s 91st Modcast is instantly transporting. But unlike their Wet Mix, for example, that whisked our brains to a house party with the … read more »

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Stream: Jensen Sportag, “Gentle Man”

Jensen Sportag sing about love with giddy abandon, like riding your bike downhill to your boo’s house so fast the bouquet in the front basket starts to unravel and flower pedals fly everywhere. “Gentle Man,” … read more »

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Stream: Memory Tapes, “Wait in the Dark (Jensen Sportag Remix)

Nashville duo Jensen Sportag‘s latest work, showcased on their recent Pure Wet EP and featured on this Memory Tapes remix, is approaching that sweet spot of instant-recognition, that near meme-ability of cultivating a distinct sound. … read more »

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Jensen Sportag’s The Wet Mix MP3

Nashville duo Jensen Sportag‘s 14-minute “Wet Mix” follows the thematic trajectory of February’s Pure Wet EP, a masterpiece cross of supermarket pop, pitched up R&B and disco-glam. Pieces of the EP—like the time-capsule of a … read more »

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