New Testament: Genesis P-Orridge and Mishka Outfit the Insurrection


Genesis Breyer P-Orridge is not famous to the mainstream, but she is a superstar to many. A founding member of the world’s first industrial band, Throbbing Gristle, Genesis emerged from that original rebellion to form the group Psychic TV, and created around it a loose collective of like-minded people called Thee Temple ov Psychic Youth. TOPY’s mission was to be a positive force through practicing ritual magic and D.I.Y. community building. Genesis created the symmetric symbol of the Psychic Cross to stand as an emblem of their tribe’s unity.

Collectivity has been Genesis’ life’s work, and it was something she shared intimately with her late wife, Lady Jaye. Through the practice of “pandrogony,” Genesis and Lady Jaye ritualistically became one by wearing the same things, referring to themselves as “we,” (which Genesis still does) and even surgically altering their bodies to look similar. Four years after Lady Jaye’s death, Genesis still believes in their bond and in their commitment to the community. A brand new collaboration with New York brand Mishka on a line of clothes bearing the Psychic Cross is just a new phase in Genesis’ goal of spreading the communal gospel. Click through to read all of Genesis’ thoughts and then watch our video interview with her.

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