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Video: The Weeknd, "What You Need"

Exactly one month after we posted the "soap opera, David Hasselhoff shit" fan-vid, here is the OFFICIAL "What You Need" video from The Weeknd. Trademark black-and-white? Check. Biracial, bi-curious girls in black panties and stilettos walking slowly and mouthing I'm what you need? Check. Balloons in the shower? Hometown fitted cap? Not showing Abel Tesfaye's face? All present, all reasons to believe this is something. YouTube recently banned Nelly's uncensored "Tip Drill", the music video The Weeknd once claimed most accurately represents his sound. So until he tweets us something better, we're going to just assume "not official" and "not a video we commissioned" mean different things.


Video: The Weeknd, "What You Need"