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Karl X Johan, "Fantasies (CFCF Remix)" MP3


Swedish duo Karl X Johan released "Fantasies" in February, hitting a kind of emotional high with the distressing and kinda-creepy (but we've kinda been-there?) chorus: My fantasies are all I've got/ my fantasies they make it hot. Judging by this photo of the group's producer Kalle J that was posted today on the occasion of CFCF's new remix, looks like things are on the up-and-up. That glimpse of a smile up top tells all. Maybe that's why CFCF's hazier take on "Fantasies" feels more positive, because it's tapping into the good baby vibes floating around the Karl X Johan universe, crossing oceans and instruments to help him reassemble the track in a new, perfect harmony.

Download: Karl X Johan, "Fantasies (CFCF Remix)"

Karl X Johan, "Fantasies (CFCF Remix)" MP3