Lil B’s Bitch Mob Respect Da Bitch Vol. 1 Mixtape


When Lil B dropped “Charlie Sheen” last month it seemed like his Bitch I’m a famous person meme might have been running thin, that he was chasing web trends rather than creating them. But no, with the Bitch Mob standout “Bill Bellamy” he revives the formula, bringing back the “Ellen Degenres” style of brilliant nonsense that harps not on twitter trends but the sheer absurdity of the repeated sound of a celebrity’s name. (Does Bill Bellamy have felonies? Can a soul be turned into a skeleton? Does it matter?) There are 23 more songs on the tape but maybe its best not to think too hard about them. Just salute da bitch and listen.

Download: Lil B’s Bitch Mob Respect Da Bitch Vol. 1 (via Datpiff)


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  1. Quincy Johnson says:

    You fail to write an article from an unbiased perspective. Write about the album, not about what you think he’s trying to “chase”. So obnoxious.

  2. da bitch says:

    quincy needs to start respecting da bitch

  3. m33t says:

    well if thats what you want than the mixtape is str8 ass, listened to a few tracks and it was all garbage he might as well be labeled as a “comedian rapper” no content whatsoever, he totally destroyed some classic beats by the pound and mannie fresh beats from back in the day, it’s just a bunch of garbage raps that don’t rhyme and whatever beats he didn’t steal are garbage too, if he actually rapped he might have had something, but no he wants to be the “comedian rapper” and call himself gay and a bitch, and amazing that his fans think he’s “stepping outside the box” by doing that, wake the fuck up!

  4. brain says:

    quincy’s dumb. analysis/interpretation can be just as interesting and valid as criticism/opinion. respect da bitch.

  5. st0ner says:

    that mixtape is fuckin sick
    there are some really good songs on there
    but you also fail to see Lil B from an unbiased perspective