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Stacy Barthe f. Frank Ocean, "Without You" MP3


This track came out late last summer, but flew under the radar. Thanks to a friend, it's been getting major spins around here lately, renewed with bubbling interest in Frank Ocean. Stacy Barthe, though, is no slouch herself. Like Ocean, she's a songwriter by trade, (she penned Ciara's "Flaws and All"), but this track reveals her to be master of minimalism, slinking across a barren landscape of laser noise and brittle snare. Even her hum is heavy. Towards the song's end, Ocean comes in to confess that he kept a pair of your panties under my pillowcase—lightly creepy, but sweet in context. Barthe, a member of precocious Surf Club, has a mini-mixtape out, called The Tape, that is worth checking out, too.

Download: Stacy Barthe f. Frank Ocean, "Without You"

Stacy Barthe f. Frank Ocean, "Without You" MP3