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Drake, "Dreams Money Can Buy" MP3

photographer Jonathan Mannion

We’ve all been wondering how things were working out for Drake since Thank Me Later, an album that put his issues and growing pains out on the table like Sunday dinner. “Dreams Money Can Buy” is the first track since that debut project, and it’s obvious Drake is still working on some things. A defiant sample of Don’t fuck with me sampled from Jai Paul is offset by some of Drake’s now-classic moneyed insecurities, but maybe working with The Weeknd on his forthcoming full-length Take Care will brighten things up a bit. We’re here for you Drake—we have been and will always be. While you're waiting for more tracks to leak this Summer, you can re-visit our cover feature on Drake's rise to fame and fortune from FADER #63.

Download: Drake, "Dreams Money Can Buy"

Drake, "Dreams Money Can Buy" MP3