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Video: Frank Ocean, "Acura Integurl"

Frank Ocean generally operates in small gestures, so it's only appropriate that the Odd Future heartthrob's first video is not for the hit in the making "Novacane" but the tiny, solo piano track "Acura Integral." Apart from twitpics and the few lucky fans to catch one of his brief cameos at an OF show, this is really the first glimpse anybody has got of the singer, and in true Frank Ocean fashion, he only makes himself occasionally visible. Instead director Dave Wilson puts vintage cars and some heavily glitchy and incongruous visual effects at the forefront. Frank's struck through sentence fragment on his own blog best defined the clip: "decent excuse to drive a nsx through mountains."

Def Jam is giving Frank's Nostalgia, Ultra mixtape/album a proper release on July 26th. Cross your fingers for sample clearance (no way he can afford The Eagles, but Mr. Hudson… maybe?) and gatefold vinyl.

Video: Frank Ocean, "Acura Integurl"