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Teen Daze, "Surface" MP3

"Surface" leads off Teen Daze's forthcoming A Silent Planet EP, a record inspired by Mt. Cheam near his home in Fraser Valley, British Columbia and C.S. Lewis' story of first encounters, Out of the Silent Planet. The album cover features a sun rising over these space cliffs, firing concentric circles of light through the cosmos, which is coincidentally the best way to describe the guitar rolling in for the song's final 30 seconds. Up until that point, "Surface" is packed with sounds, claustrophobic if you're approaching it while distracted. The lyrics are not quite recognizable, all tumbling over themselves in constant reverb and delay. When everything falls out at the end—and it's just his voice and meditative guitar, jarring because its so soothing—you can really feel that sun, barely cresting the cliffs and turning on the lights on Mars. A Silent Planet comes out August 9th on Waaga, and is available today for pre-order.

Download: Teen Daze, "Surface"

Teen Daze, "Surface" MP3