Video: Justice, “Civilization”

The first video for Justice‘s “Civilization” was adidas’ “All In” commercial, a sort of glory-roll of talented humans (Derek Rose, Lio Messi, Katy Perry). So maybe there was pressure to take people out of the mix this time and to do the opposite. Much credit to Edouard Salier for directing this crazy post-apocalyptic world-of-wildebeests clip, where Earth apparently becomes a geodesic person-less dome susceptible to reverse gravity, but ultimately his film’s huge scale and constant sound effects intrude on “Civilization,” and the song feels small in comparison. It’s a big track, but maybe not one to end the world over.

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  1. dct says:

    reminds me of music heard in the Flash Gordon movie from the 80s or a bad Queen imitation

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  3. Fox says:

    There were entirely too many sound effects. Some one should just do an edit with the mp3 playing in place of the audio on this clip.

    P.S. They’re bison, not wildebeest.

  4. Front Row says:

    I’m absolutely obsessed with this band, I’ve ghost produced w/ many high end artists and have performed all over the world. I think I know talent when I see it. The sound fx are strictly for the video, but the production on there tracks are A-fucken-top of the heap.