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Stream: Boys Noize “Ich R U” (Justice Remix)

Alexander Ridha, bka German producer and Skrillex collaborator, Boys Noize, self-released a particularly catchy and melodically ambitious full-length called Out Of The Black on his own Boysnoize imprint last year. On Justice‘s edit of “Ich … read more »

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Stream: Justice, “Helix (Domenico Torti Headspin Remix)”

Justice will release a five-track EP, Helix, January 8th on Ed Banger. It will include two unreleased remixes of the title track. Listen to one of them below: the frantic, grimy and aptly-named “Headspin Remix” … read more »

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Video: Justice, “New Lands”

The amusing new Justice video for “New Lands” gives a new spin on the Olympics. Instead of a world where sports are played separately, Justice posit a time where all athletics merge in one mega-hybrid … read more »

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Stream: Justice, “New Lands (A-Trak Remix)”

A-Trak has remixed Justice’s guitar-heavy “New Lands”, making the already-big track even bigger by adding crisp drums, party-propelling “hey” vocal samples and a pounding, laser synth line. Justice’s New Lands EP, which also features remixes … read more »

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Live: Ultra 2012

We didn’t know flip-all about Ultra before heading to Miami last week, and this turned out to be a good thing. “Ultra? Aren’t you scaaared?” acquaintances would hiss when they learned of our plans. Or … read more »

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Stream: Justice, “On’n'on (Rick Rubin Remix)”

The official title of this remix is “On’n’on (Ruined by Rick Rubin),” harking back to the 1991 CD he produced for Queen, “We Will Rock You (Ruined by Rick Rubin).” It’s a fitting historical side … read more »

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Video: Justice, “Civilization”

The first video for Justice‘s “Civilization” was adidas’ “All In” commercial, a sort of glory-roll of talented humans (Derek Rose, Lio Messi, Katy Perry). So maybe there was pressure to take people out of the … read more »

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Premiere: Jamaica, “Short & Entertaining (Mixhell Remix)” MP3

For the recent Francophiles out there, Jamaica is the band that sounds like Phoenix on and is produced by Xavier de Rosnay of Justice and used to be Poney Poney who once made a song … read more »

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The Power of Suggestion by Swizz Beatz

This video, created by DJ Eloy and Terry Urban (who may be the most diligent Jay-Zist on Earth), perfectly illustrates why The FADER has been on Swizzy’s side over the years no matter what anyone … read more »

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Freeload: Lenny Kravitz, “Let Love Rule (Justice Remix)”

Once upon a time, there was a dreadlocked satyr who danced in the forest, sang about love and deflowered Cosby kids. In another part of the land were leathered elves who brought forth the sounds … read more »

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