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Hackers Attack PBS Website, Announce Biggie and Tupac Alive

On Sunday night, a story appeared on PBS' homepage announcing that Tupac was still alive, living at a resort in New Zealand alongside Biggie. The false report was posted by hackers from a group called LulzSec that attacked and compromised PBS' site throughout the weekend. Aside from launching the bogus, attention-grabbing headline, LulzSec also made public details of PBS' internal network, as well as login IDs and passwords for PBS staff and administrators. About seven hours after acknowledging the breach on Twitter and Facebook, PBS was still struggling to regain control of its site. This morning, their The Rundown blog, where the Tupac story was published, is still down.

LulzSec said it broke into PBS because they were "less than impressed" by how file sharing site Wikileaks was portrayed in Wikisecrets, a recent episode of PBS show Frontline. LulzSec denies affiliation with notorious pro-Wiki Leaks hacker group Anonymous. It's unclear whether they have a succinct political agenda or intended any harm to the news organization, or were simply seeking attention. But this isn't LulzSec's first high-profile stunt. They hacked Fox in May, leaking employee usernames and passwords and the names of X Factor contestants. This morning, the group finds itself in the Wall Street Journal but mostly busy calling adversaries ugly.

Hackers Attack PBS Website, Announce Biggie and Tupac Alive