Video: The Weeknd, “The Morning”

Here’s a moderately upsetting “unofficial” vid for what is arguably The Weeknd‘s best song. Directed by the High 5 Collective, this maybe-unauthorized “The Morning” clip stars more models in slinky dresses, here acting out the perils of chasing money—drug addiction, fighting your friends, selling too much of yourself. At it’s best, the video helps explain the sideways approach Abel Tesfaye’s taking to releasing music. At it’s worst, it just makes us sorry we’re not watching this squashed project:


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  1. Cmonson says:

    So this is art? Have some 7 out of 10′s dance around in the desert with some cool video effect laid over your Flip Cam?

  2. Andy E says:

    This actually made the High For This video seem tasteful. Sideways indeed.