Beyonce f. Andre 3000, “Party” (Prod. by Kanye West & Consequence) MP3


Beyonce, Andre 3000 and Kanye West fill their own shoes, turning in an effortless lunch-in-the-park jammer, as much an ode to a midday party state of mind as it is to actually exerting your wildness. Beyonce pronounces care like currrr, Kanye says drippin’ swagu and Dre’s surprise rabbit-in-the-hat is the extended Based God-esque yeaaah-haa that closes his verse. “Party” isn’t a ballad, isn’t a mess and isn’t an overwrought cluster-F, it’s just easy-breezy sunshine begging you to wear a bucket hat.

Download: Beyonce f. Andre 3000, “Party (Prod. by Kanye West & Consequence)”

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  2. Emmanuel says:

    Damn it’s the worst Production of Kanye but it’s not Kanye’s fault It’s Beyonce’s for that pseudo style she tries to make but It sucks I’ll be happy that her last album won’t be even at the 10 spot of the billboard. I’m pretty sure it’ll reach only the 15th spot on the billboard

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  6. Q says:


  7. Tank says:

    Beyonce is awesome!. I can hear this song pumping from car radios this summer!!.
    Great song!

  8. Ruben says:

    WOW THIS SONG IS GREAT !! got that smooth 90′s R&B feeling

    @Emmanuel , Please shut the fck up and go listen to keri hilson or kesha or something douchebag

  9. Love Below says:

    Really diggin this, happy too after hearing girls run the world and being disappointed. Kanye is amazing on this beat and Andre is awesome too.

  10. Vlad says:

    Straight up. This is summer jammin, fire up the grill, eatin burgers, and chillin in the sun music.

    So good.

  11. Juancito says:

    I played this 10 times in a row, literally.

  12. jeeash says:

    I miss that kind of R&B! Really nice track !

  13. Pandora Lux says:

    This is madness.. Andre Verse is poppin.. but otherwise this is horrible

  14. star jonestown says:

    What is this SH*TTY PROGRAM you are hosting it on?

    F off, Fader.

  15. johnny jupiter says:

    almost good

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  17. AMP MAN says:

    Bad Bitches & Comic Books

    dope shit!!!!!

  18. marshea says:


    Why does she got to do all that crap with her voice? We get it you can sing all types of notes, but they don’t always fit in with the music. It almost sounded like it was going to be a banger, great R&B, but she started singing and blew it.
    I wish she’d go back to the old days.


  19. lisette says:

    her voice is awful, they need to stop adding the digitalization that they add to her voice, it’s like nails on a chalk board, even when she sings out of breath (when she does her slow songs after lip synching to a dance tune), she sounds better than she does on her albums, why is that?

    These songs are uninspired, too, I keep wanting the DC beyonce’ the one that impressed us to come back, but she’s gone, she’s lost the R&B, the soul. Please, come back, stop with the pop music. Anyone whom states she didn’t go the popular route, is smoking the rock, or is totally deaf to what she really does. Her music is crap because she tries to stay relevant by being like everyone else, instead of staying relevant and trying to be different, which, in this day would be to bring the R&B back to the forefront, so other lesser known R&B up and comers will get their chance to shine, because she’d be paving the way again. That would be helping her community out and helping her fellow sisters out, isn’t she about female empowerment? She should be about helping the females in the minority out, show that she truly is proud to be a black woman by helping to bring back real music, R&B.
    Could be she’s really just about the $ and doesn’t want to help her community and fellow sisters out after all, thus the suspicions of attempting to appear more like a white woman, may be true. She’s holding back her own community.
    BTW, most of her fans are mostly of the male persuasion that are not straight, she’s said so herself, and then after that it’s young white girls. Most African American MEN and WOMEN (i’m stressing this to prove a maturity level of music lovers) will state this chic has no real talent. And it’s not from hate, it’s from being a music aficionado, from people whom love all types of music. They will all say she can’t dance, she doesn’t have the best voice, but that she IS a pretty girl that is built well.
    Not to say she doesn’t have AA fans, because she does, I’m just stating they’re mostly young. And yes other artists have sung her praises, because they’re mature and won’t speak bad about another artist, that’s why. They appreciate that she works hard, of course, but if you got them behind closed doors, they’d give other names as being the best. Look at some of the things that have come to light from other artists, overall they all feel she’s manufactured and has not had to struggle, which is what is truly needed to make a great artist. (her waiting so many years to become famous, doesn’t count, she wasn’t even grown when she did become famous, so, no, she had no struggles, she didn’t live on the streets, go hungry, live on food stamps, have a broken home, at the time, so, no, her wishing and wishing is not considered a struggle by any means.)

  20. Shaz23 says:

    She is in inspired form! Love this!

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  22. sed says:

    @ lisette…u really just need to STFU!…and get a life…that whole entire essay is not neccessary for a song. No one appointed you to be a song critic! U sayin u want the old Beyonce back? Well go buy her old cd!..Beyonce is the shit and u just mad cause your fav cant pull it off

  23. Faye says:

    Love this song!! Very old school 90′s. All you haters who ain’t even got a valid opinion can shut up.
    @ Emmanuel GO get a life you loser.

  24. “I don’t care what they say, I don’t care if they talking tomorrow.”

    That’s how I feel about people talking negatively about this song. The melody and vibe is AMAZING to me. It emotes a great feeling just like classic music used to. A+ in my book.

    BTW…I like to party…fa real.

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  26. Raj says:

    One of the best songs of this yr. Hater can suck it up or go die in hell

  27. Rahul says:

    To tht bitc. Lisette who wrote an essay, should go fuck herself. Beyonce rocks

  28. alonzo wilson says:


  29. KJ says:

    @lisette This has to be one of the worst comments i’ve EVER seen… Obviously you dont know fucking music. the entire point of a studio album is to have different types of sound and effects as well as showcase the voice. I’m really just flat out insulted that you would say that beyonce lip-syncs. obvi you have NEVER seen her on tour. Most artist wish they could sound half as good as Bey while singing in a full voice and dancing their fucking ass off… yes everyone is allowed to have their own opinion but this is just fucking stupid. I know black and white men and women in their 30s that have said beyonce is great… and you little riff about her female empowerment… SHES A WOMEN, of course she is gonna represent for the ladies. Why? Because she can!!! If any of you have a doubt about beyonce and her voice and singing ability please look up the YouTube video of her before she went on American Idol…. SHE IS A FUCKING BEAST and no one can say different. NOT RHIANNA, NOT GAGA, NOT KATY PERRY… and whatever name you can throw out… You probably like fucking Miley Cyrus for all I know. if you can name ONE ARTIST that has a ounce of the talent that beyonce has i will swallow my pride and delete my post… I’ve heard EVERY song from the album “4″ and let me tell you. its not just about funky beats and high notes. what really matters is what she is saying… THE LYRICS, listen to a song and fall back.

  30. msvirtue says:

    This is officially my summer anthem! LOVE IT! Simple R&B. She did this one for the groovers. I appreciate that.

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  32. Ree Ree says:

    I LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE this song!! Everything about it is HOT!!!!! THE BEAT GOES HARD!!!!! Reminds me of a 90′s SWV cut!!!!

  33. Ree Ree says:

    I ABSOLUTELY AGREE WITH KJ!!!!! Bey is the best EVER!!!!! REAL TALK!!!!

  34. nicky moore says:

    man beyonce is undeniably talented….people please!!!!!!!!!!!!satop hatin

  35. keyboard Cruza says:

    …never thought I’d bother listening to post 2003 Beyonce again.
    This is beyonce+ progress. This do’nt sound like rihanna, Ga Ga or will Smith’s kid which is beyond good.
    Apart from West voice and the baseline bein a little too thick, the track’s diecent. It makes me think of the late 80′s, latinas, gold, classy black girls with their hair lookin slik, buff and finger waved.


  36. keyboard Cruza says:

    I don’t expect this kind of quality to last though, coz I see B on a straight ‘make money’ flex right about now ridin on lesser artists train coz she and her people thinks that’s what us people want to pay for. So wrong, coz it seems folks ain’t payin her neither money nor attention.

    In B, i hear an artist struggling to work out who she is in this changing era. But she has genuine artisry that comes from her, if she stops pushin so hard, almost trying to be all things to all people, ease-up a little, she’ll produce the niceness again.

    All successful artists go through these roller costers, MJ did. He fell of completly towards the end but is still a legend.

    anyway I must dash….I need to press play again!

  37. Charlene says:

    I love this song. The whole album is hot. It is mostly R&B. She has some pop but MJ, Whitney, Mariah added some influences of that on their albums too. But this is a real soulful album.