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Frank Ocean Clears Some Things Up

In March, MTV posted an interview with Frank Ocean. Some time shortly after that, it was removed. Since then, the singer's star has risen, though his profile has not. He's done a few interviews, but his saturation level has stayed miniscule compared to that of his Odd Future compatriots. Choosing to answer some questions directly from fans, though, Ocean took to his Tumblr to address some unknowns, pertinent or otherwise. Most moving is his answer to how he would explain his current life to himself five years ago: "Your name is Frank’s a long story," he starts, touching on girls, work and success concisely. Even more to the point, he responds "Yes. I am," to the potentially beguiling question of "Are you happy?" Nice to hear. Read up on the rest of Ocean's half-decade bio and his car and video game preferences over on his Tumblr.

Frank Ocean Clears Some Things Up