Gucci Mane’s Writing On The Wall 2 Mixtape

gucci mane

The release of chronic perpetrator Gucci Mane‘s latest mixtape yesterday coincided with his most recent release from prison. “Tragedy” is the first track, and Lord knows I don’t want to be in the penitentiary, but that is my reality is the first line. Don’t really believe that, have heard it before. But what we haven’t heard before—and we would probably remember because it sounds godawful—is the way the whole track stutters during the second chorus. For this brief moment, Lex Luger‘s rapid-fire percussion technique, the trademark half-second where he jams like 20 hats in, gets applied to Gucci’s vocals and a snare, too. I don’t want to b-b-b-b-be. And so it goes, for better or worse: something new from Gucci Mane.

Download: Gucci Mane’s Writing On The Wall 2 Mixtape

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  1. ryan says:

    after that write-up i can’t even tell if i want to hear this now. but.. it’s already halfway done downloading, so, oh well.

  2. Tony Bonesarelli says:

    To be fair the author of that writeup only listened to the first song, so

  3. snugglefrau says:

    What kind of snobby ass write-up is this? The author is trying to discredit Gucci for rapping about what he’s actually going thru….#fail for this article Duncan…are you sure you even like music? Why do you work there?

  4. Frank says:

    I’m with Tony and snaggle. And since I got here from google I can see why this is so shitty. Just riding Gucci’s wave for hits.

    This should read, well this nigger’s shit is awful but let’s get in on this! Aren’t we cool!? We can namecheck Lex Luger aren’t we cool?

    Fuck you.

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