Face Time: The Next Generation of New York’s Legendary Vogue Scene

Hood by Air designed the “Banjee” T-shirts for disco darlings Hercules and Love Affair, and Oliver and Lacole, a fellow Hood by Airist, performed vogue forms at Hercules’ fi rst-ever show in Brooklyn a few months back. (There were no dips, but there were some consistently strong poses atop a speakerbox for, like, an hour.) Banjee is an old word for hood gay, essentially, but for the shirts, they updated it. “Things are way edgier and more street, and people don’t get that,” says Lopez. “People think we’re being, like, queens, but now there’s like this whole homo-thug influence. The queens have now made the streets their own in their own way. We call it ‘banjee cunt.’”

“‘Banjee cunt’ is, like, a faggot,” Oliver elaborates. “Back in the day it was ‘butch queen,’ but we don’t really use that anymore. Banjee’s like, more feminine guys that will wear a fitted and tight jeans and sneakers. Clothes that, if a straight person saw on a banjee cunt, they would make fun of it. But then if Kanye West saw it, took it, put it on, it would be different. They have to see someone that they idolize and understand wear the same look that a butch queen has been doing for years before they can adapt to it.”

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    $hayne ~ ICON