Listen to Highlights From Hudson Mohawke’s New EP


You should do it like right now if you can, because there are a couple moments on here that achieve the exact same effect as coffee. Close to the three minute mark, Hudson Mohawke reveals that he’s maybe been spending some time with Polow’s back catalog, and it is awesome. There’s already approximately 65 bazillion comments on the soundcloud stream, so we’d suggest not even fast forwarding to get to that part and instead just allow yourself to get unreasonably amped up before you can even start thinking about the concept of lunch, let alone the fact that Satin Panthers doesn’t come out until the beginning of August.

Stream: Hudson Mohawke, Satin Panthers

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  1. ivng says:

    definitely dropped this @ demf!

  2. walkmasterflex says:

    the “polow back catalog” track you’re referring to, ‘Thunder Bay”, has already been floating around for a bit, and dude’s been playing it live for over a year now:

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