Video: Lil B, “Bill Bellamy”

Fuck going shopping. Tiny pants, goon-pink or lemon-lime shirt and a chopper make Based God’s cipher complete.

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  1. Darkswim says:

    I got no rhythm, I got no rhyme,
    Im a stupid idiot I should be doin time!
    I think I got 10 felonies, thats as high as I can count!
    Show me that fat dick and I will pull my fake gold teeth out!
    Never graduated, never went to the U,
    Im so fucking lame I dont even have a crew!
    I have no talent that should be as clear as day
    If your acting tough I will turn and run away.

  2. Melissa says:

    Oh my god, based god. Fuck my bitch, based god.

  3. Bill Bellamy's Attorney says:

    Mr. Bellamy does not have any felony convictions.

  4. Thomas says:

    I hope he does a video for “Dopeman Hunter,” that was my favorite track off Bitch Mob, when he drops the ROSIE O’DONNEL adlib in it I feel joy in my heart.

  5. Riise says:

    Would have been Craig Bellamy.

  6. peter north says:

    im a based god fan, but this shit right here is pretty whack. no melody or structure really.