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Levi's Makes Jeans for Bicyclists

Every biker has experienced one unavoidable woe: the inevitable disintegration of your go-to biking pants. Crotches tear. Fabric becomes thin. Your friends don't want to hang out because they think you smell bad. Levi's aims to counteract all of that with their new Commuter brand, which incorporates a whopping amount of ultracool technology to ensure that your favorite gear doesn't end up in the trashcan. With a reinforced crotch that prevents tearage, Nanosphere technology that makes them water and dirt resistant and a sanitized hygiene function that keeps them fresh, these are the real deal. They've got a whole slew of other surprises, too, like a loop that holds your U-lock. They'll be available in select Levi's stores this week, which means that in a matter of hours you'll be be able to grab a pair and bike cleanly off into the sunset.

Levi's Makes Jeans for Bicyclists