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Live: Bill Callahan, "One Fine Morning"

In "One Fine Morning" Bill Callahan sings Yeah, one fine morning/ I'm gonna ride out/ Just me and the skeleton crew/ We're gonna ride out in a country kind of silence... Callahan performed last night at the Bowery Ballroom with a skeleton crew made up of percussionist Neal Morgan and guitarist Matt Kinsey. The trio put on a flawless, country-tinged rock show that god-willing somebody got a full bootleg of. Callahan was at the top of his game, all full-bodied baritone in a seersucker suit, standing tall as a tree when he wasn't dancing playfully around the stage. When he was called back for an encore, he even told the audience we made him "happy." To that he got a resounding applause, a real city kind of noise. Here's the first six minutes of a song so epic that it would break the internet if we put the whole thing up.

Live: Bill Callahan, "One Fine Morning"