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teenage spaceship FEAT

Stream: How To Dress Well, “Teenage Spaceship”

How To Dress Well’s Tom Krell has a “lil xmas gift for you:” a washed out cover of Smog’s “Teenage Spaceship,” recorded on his laptop and released without any mastering, and absolutely gorgeous nonetheless. “The … read more »

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Video: Bill Callahan, “Small Plane”

Although singer-songwriter Bill Callahan has put together fifteen studio albums, “Small Plane” is the first time he’s actually appeared in one of his music videos. It’s a track off Dream River, which Callahan released in … read more »

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Preview The Life and Times of William Callahan, a Photo Essay by Chris Taylor

Recently, Canadian photographer Chris Taylor went to Texas for a month with the mission of photographing Bill Callahan every other day for a month. He captured the heavy-hearted, baritone-voiced singer in and around his Austin … read more »

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Video: Bill Callahan, “Heaven Help the Child”

To celebrate the release of their Mickey Newbury/Bill Callahan split 7-inch, Drag City produced this quiet, ghostly video of Callahan performing the Newbury classic, “Heaven Help the Child.” It’s a grainy, overlaid fade of Callahan’s … read more »

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Bill Callahan Documentary: Coming Soon

Former FADER TV producer Hanly Banks is making an awesome documentary about FADER #45 cover star Bill Callahan. Apocalypse: A Bill Callahan Tour Film follows Callahan on the road during the US leg of his … read more »

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Live: Bill Callahan, “One Fine Morning”

In “One Fine Morning” Bill Callahan sings Yeah, one fine morning/ I’m gonna ride out/ Just me and the skeleton crew/ We’re gonna ride out in a country kind of silence… Callahan performed last night … read more »

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The Tripwire: On Independence and Getting Lost In Bill Callahan’s “America!”

On July 4th morning, I woke up to a cup of coffee and a conversation with an old friend now living in a proud Midwestern city not far from where I grew up. She was … read more »

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Video: Bill Callahan, “Riding for the Feeling”

Bill Callahan’s new video for “Riding for the Feeling” is charmingly low tech and strangely moving, which is also another way to characterize his music. It is, quite simply, an animation of a ski jumper … read more »


Bill Callahan’s Daytrotter Session Should be Pressed on Vinyl

The first time we ever saw Bill Callahan, the people we were with kept asking if something was wrong, like looking bummed while listening to bummer jams about life was a bad thing. Our answer … read more »

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Bill Callahan Cass McCombs

Stream Two Bummer Records By Cass McCombs and Bill Callahan For Free

What’s up Bill Callahan and Cass McCombs! You are dudes that are able to capture the feeling of getting older and also coming to terms with life. Sometimes it’s a bummer, and even when it’s … read more »

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