Video: How to Dress Well, “Decisions”

When How to Dress Well first hit the scene, the main complaint we heard was that his music sounded “unfinished” or “not even like a full song.” That was wildly confusing to us, because that kind of seemed like the whole deal, right? Copies of copies of copies of songs whispered and distant. Sometimes music sounds better coming from another room. Of course, as time went on Tom Krell (bka How to Dress Well) revealed that he actually had a lot of tricks up his sleeve, like a really strong falsetto and an astonishing ability to lay his emotions completely bare just through the way his voice sounded—even if it’s sometimes a little difficult to make out every word. Not too long ago, Krell recorded an EP called Just Once with an entire orchestra. It’s a pretty great reaction to his detractors in the sense that it is wildly bombastic and, at times, so overwhelmingly/beautifully saccharine that it’s impossible to do anything but feel right along with him. The record is available right now, but to get some idea into what exactly went into the process filmed Krell and the orchestra at work.

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