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Don Trip and Starlito, "Karate In The Garage" MP3


As great a name as Step Brothers may be, how the hell did Don Trip and Starlito pass up the opportunity to do a Madvillain-style name fuse for their cross-Memphis collab? It could've been a mafioso themed "Don Lito" tape. Or "Star Trip"? Whatever, at long as they're rapping together they can call it what they want. The lead-off leak, "Karate In The Garage," is a seven minute "Jackin For Beats" styled affair and most of the selections are either Luger crafted or Lugeresque, because those are the only beats left on the planet. But they manage to make the most out of them, wordplaying at a dexterous pitch instead of just doing Waka shouts or Ross heaves. Lito might take the win on this one, hitting "MC Hammer" to show off his intimate knowledge of the Hammerman backcatalog and touching "H.A.M." just long enough to call out Jay and Ye for possibly borrowing his concept. Step Brothers drops July 25th and it will almost certainly be better than Watch The Throne.

Download: Don Trip & Starlito, "Karate In The Garage"

Don Trip and Starlito, "Karate In The Garage" MP3