Roach Gigz’ Bitch, I’m a Player EP


Who knew this was going to be so dark? The generally playful Roach Gigz gets a little more intense than usual over copious Castlevania gothic organs, enlists just a couple guests (including Husalah and Lil B), and generally attacks each of these tracks with the kind of ferocity that is normally left for debut mixtapes by dudes who feel like they have to prove everything in one go. This is possibly the most focused and personal work from Roach, if you’re looking for a place to start—this is it.

Download: Roach Gigz, Bitch, I’m a Player

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  1. gotgigz650 says:

    this is bananas jus like RB1 n RB2….nothing but slaps shout out to c L o to da mothafukin Z for bringin dem slaps…keep it comin breh its GOOOMBA ALL DAYYY

  2. Tisha says:

    Love me some Roach Gigz! This is very different from what he normally does, but it’s a good different!!!!!Team Roach!!!!!!

  3. says:

    good stuff Roach. loving the slaps. just showing some love. Hyphy all day from the bay to the No-Town GOOMBA bitches


  4. says:

    Headache needs a video for sure Roach. DO IT. GOOOMBA


  5. Hella_Kitty650 says:

    GOOMBA in dis muthafucka!!!! Roach gigz all day everyday. Hes slappin so hard, nobody on his level. One Love*

  6. digits says:

    still early, but my favorite roach tape so far. really diggin this one.

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