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Hey Look it's a Weed Enthusiast Super Group

photographer Ross Mantle

All this weed rap can be pretty fun, but it is also exhausting. Sometimes it feels like being forced to look at a stranger's family photos for hours on end, and just when you think it's done, you get sucked back in for another round. You talking about you being high is not as interesting as it seems when you're high, dawgs! But we'll give Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y and Big Sean more credit than that. They're all capable of making weed seem as fun as a roller coaster (hopefully you like roller coasters, it's hard to do an analogy here, fun is so subjective). Thus far, the music they've made has been good, if somewhat unremarkable, and the latest track "Weed Brownies" (guess what it's about) is the best yet—mainly for what it hints at instead of what it actually is. It's fuzzed out and crackly and Curren$y spends a bunch of time rapping about pulling up in Times Square high and also iPhone chargers. More of that!

Download: Wiz Khalifa f. Curren$y and Big Sean, "Weed Brownies"

Hey Look it's a Weed Enthusiast Super Group