Video: Pure X, “Easy”

Pure X’s music has always been weirdly sexual in a way that’s more ambient than anything you can actually point to. Maybe it’s because their music is so slow and rich. Whatever the case, that whole idea is no longer open to interpretation, because their video for “Easy” features bondage and copious amounts of lush red. It also features a fish tank, and a Lynchian portrait of the band as the song fades out at the end. Directed by Malcolm Elijah, who also spends his time playing in Silent Diane, this would be perfect for late night viewing on MTV, sandwiched between, like, The Head and Aeon Flux, if that was still a possible thing. But it’s not, so instead we’re going to watch it on our laptops at work in the middle of the day and hope that someone in a boxy suit will at least call us Gen X slackers at some point.

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