Video: Pusha T f. Tyler, The Creator, “Trouble On My Mind”

Remember how Pusha T spent the last decade carefully cultivating a very precise image of a hardened and weary drug dealer? Well he fooled you. As is revealed quite early in this new video, the former Clipse rapper mostly just hangs out and does Ignorant Hood Rat Shit with his photogenic young hooligan friend Tyler, the Creator. Both rappers hold their own on the song itself (and Chad and Pharrell’s beat offers a nice balance between the old-Neptunes Clipse aesthetic and the post-Neptunes OF-aesthetic) but the video is so clearly dominated by Tyler. And Tyler’s buddies and Tyler’s Los Angeles and Tyler’s destructive impulses and Tyler’s sloppy Golf Wang throw ups and Tyler’s self-designed T-shirts and Tyler’s cast and Tyler’s decrepit white probable-prostitute.

Understandably, the OFWGKTA aesthetic is far too large and specific to be contained in a regular old d-boy on the corner rap video. But surely they could’ve found a better middle ground. If this were it a Tyler, The Creator featuring Pusha T video the culture clash might make for a more logical and endearing ends – the teacher becomes the most rebellious student – but as the showcase single from Pusha’s forthcoming, and presumably very serious, solo Fear Of God 2: Let Us Pray, it reads closer to awkward. Have some presence in your own video, Push! In the near future every rap video will be an Odd Future video.

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  1. eskay says:

    These Odd Future cats are nuts!!!!

  2. rob22 says:

    just like when pusha did his recent work with kanye, he was in ye’s element, not his own

  3. rap says:

    Noz, you really are one of my favorite music writers, but can you please say something like “Neptunes influenced OF-aesthetic” than perpetuating the post- prefix, which at this point has become so sloppily used by second rate hack bloggers that it makes me cringe every time I read it outside one of my Philosophy textbooks.

  4. ben says:

    rap is a staunch advocate of a post-”post-[aesthetic]” post aesthetic.

  5. rap says:

    lol ^. I mean, really, do whatever you want to do, I was just reading some random blogspot that was using a new post-[something] every other paragraph, and I was like “wow is this what blogging has come to?” Bad timing, y’all, bad timing.

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