Video: The Weeknd, Live

Last night in Toronto, The Weeknd performed its first show. (Not counting that college gig.) Abel Tesfaye, strutting in camouflage, ran through the hits and the audience ran through them with him—he’s almost drowned out. Watch audience-filmed footage of the show: a full version of “High for This” is above, and snippets from “The Party and the Afterparty,” “Rolling Stone,” “House of Balloons” and “The Knowing” are below.

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  2. JHolls says:

    This is one of the most disappointing things I have ever seen. I love The Weeknd, but what the fuck is this? Did he get Godsmack’s guitarist to play those chords on High For This? He isn’t even trying to hit the most integral high notes that make the album what it is. It’s like he is just mumbling along with the audience into his mic. Bummer.

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