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Don Trip and Starlito's Stepbrothers Mixtape


Depending on your level of love for John C. Reily, there are less riffs on the film Stepbrothers on Don Trip and Starlito's new mixtape of the same name than maybe you would have hoped. Or maybe not—do they really need to rap about bunk beds and mutual affinity for guacamole? Ok, maybe that would have been awesome. There are a number of incongruous samples from the film, at least, and the first track is actually called "Boats N Hos." When the last track, a mega-mix of outtakes starts with, "Did we just become best friends?" "Yep!" the spiritual connection, if not the literal one, is clear enough.

Download: Don Trip and Starlito, Stepbrothers mixtape

Don Trip and Starlito's Stepbrothers Mixtape