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Theme Park, "Wax (Halls Remix)" MP3

Theme Park's "Wax" (out August 29th on Paradyse) climaxes with an inspirational call-and-response chorus—We got the love, we got the night/ We got the time, we got the fight. It's a naive young couple's rallying cry, like the soundtrack to the first half of a rom-com, where the couple goes dancing but she steals a glance from a new guy. Not really the vibe Halls is suited for. His drone-with-a-beat remix stays faithful to that chorus lyric, never splicing or shifting words around, but he pitches the whole thing down to emphasize its impending tragic come-down. If Theme Park's version still clings to the dancing grins from the rom-com couple, Halls' freezes time the moment they're doomed.

Download: Theme Park, "Wax (Halls Remix)"

Theme Park, "Wax (Halls Remix)" MP3