Video: Roach Gigz, “F A Chorus” (Dir. by Kreayshawn)

Squirrelly rappers Roach Gigz and Kreayshawn ran in overlapping circles in the Bay, and now share a manager. In April, Kreayshawn opened up for Gigz and Andre Nickatina at the Highline Ballroom. In the same week, they rambled down to Times Square, where Kreayshawn shot/directed this clip. (“I learned everything from writing scripts to cinematography to editing to teaching actors how to act and shit,” Kreayshawn says of her one year stint in film school.) The close-hugging and quick-cut video faithfully depicts Gigz as a loopy, out-of-his-element tourist. Kreayshawn’s lens dips side to side and Roach goofs in front of cop cars, watches taxis and hugs other outsiders. “F A Chorus,” a track about the dream to be as beloved as Dora the Explorer, is available now on Gigz’ excellent Bitch I’m A Player EP.

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  2. Hella_Kitty says:

    *Jet lag-I dont got it..Im gettin high with the pilot in the cock pit!!!* Roachy Balboa gassin em once again! Kreayshawn coulda done a better job on the video but its all love tha videos GOOMBA #BitchImaplayer!!