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Gucci Mane and Future's Freebricks Mixtape


In July, Drake recorded a verse for a remix of Future's "Tony Montana." It was a surprising move, lending plenty of exposure and hopefully some radio spins to the Atlanta rapper's north-crawling single. On Freebricks, hometown compatriot Gucci Mane shares studio time and great beats with Future, who returns the investment in spades, delivering a torrent of quick sing/raps across 13 tracks. As on his most recent mixtape, Gucci Mane is bad-mannered and not shy throughout Freebricks. On the Mike Will-produced "Lost It," he self advertises on repeat: I'm cold blooded/ No feelings/ I used to have a limit but I lost it. The rude, sometimes Auto-Tuned, living-dead persona befits the cold glitter of Will's other contributions (see "Nasty," "Can't Turn Me Down" and "Radical"). The discourtesies are tempered by the sloppy optimism of rose colored "Go," produced by Zaytoven, and the tape's closer "Go For It" with a beat by another Atlanta staple, Shawty Redd.

Download: Gucci Mane and Future's Freebricks mixtape

Gucci Mane and Future's Freebricks Mixtape