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Video: Spank Rock, "DTF DADT"

The first thing you notice about the video return of Spank Rock—one of the most under-sung harbingers of post-millennial, tiny-pants, non-trap rap—is that his hair's gone half Basquiat. He still looks like he's having fun, but something here feels a little dark. Produced by Popo’s Zeb Malik, "DTF DADT" is dissonant and grinding anti-pop, culminating at 2:15 with the song and video's best moment, So you wanted a hit, motherfucker? Pop!, at which point Spank Rock punches a big square that has invaded his party. Everything Is Boring and Everyone Is a Fucking Liar comes out September 27 on his personal imprint Bad Blood.

Video: Spank Rock, "DTF DADT"