Hyetal and Alison Garner Live at the Boiler Room


Before we ever actually went to the Boiler Room we assumed it was some thing that went on through all hours of the night. It would certainly fit the vibe, which is mostly dark and heavy. Then we went and it started like right after dinner. But, in the end, who cares! Trust that it is still really fun, even if this video of dudes lurking in the background while Hyetal faithfully adapts some of our favorite tracks from his excellent album Broadcast for a live situation with vocalist Alison Garner makes you think otherwise. It’s just the way it goes! We’re not mad though, music can be enjoyed in every possible way. Watch the video here, and if you’re into it (we are into it), you can also download the entire 35-minute set if looking at people while you’re listening to them isn’t your thing.

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