Stream: Benedek f. Dam-Funk, “That’s My Jam!”


Guess what? This song is all good vibes. Are you surprised? Are we surprised? It’s Dam-Funk. Whenever Dam-Funk does anything it is infused with sunlight and music that sounds like we should be at the most fun wedding ever while listening to it. Here, he teams up with Benedek for “That’s My Jam,” which is making us feel lame for being in an office. And sitting in office chairs. And being inside. Thanks a lot, guys.

Stream: Stream: Benedek f. Dam-Funk, “That’s My Jam!”

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  1. John F says:

    Benedek’s beats are some of the illest around. Definitely brings lots of good vibes.

    Benedek and Proximal for sure know what’s up!!!

  2. Danny C says:

    LEGIT! dopest thing ive heard in a while.

  3. Dan K says:

    What a fresh track, digging it.

  4. Kyle D says:

    Some funky shit

  5. Bruce Mizano says:

    Best thing I’ve heard Dam Funk put out in a while!!! Love this tune!

  6. Tahl says:

    When i listen to this tune, the only thing that comes to mind is an overwhelming sense of “dank.” And I mean that in the best way possible.

  7. GarretTB says:

    This track is so fresh and it has just the right amount of sass. it just… “works,” you know?