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Air France, "It Feels Good To Be Around You" MP3

photographer mate ugrin

After a two year hiatus nearly too long for our hearts to bear, Gothenburg's Air France have finally released a new track on Sincerely Yours. An interview posted this morning on Air France's Tumblr sheds a little light: "We are very good at geography and nature, botanical things and so on, but we are completely useless when it comes to music. Joel has no sense of structure at all and Henrik doesn’t know how to start or finish a song…We’ll sit half a day in front of YouTube thinking 'how the hell did they do that?' We have many questions for George Harrison that will never be answered." Their latest, "It Feels Good To Be Around You," was mixed with Star Slinger, whose choppy, rapid-fire drum machinery shares the same, if not upbeat, then at least chin-up sensibility Air France have always cultivated. No group turns a sample so deftly, so emotionally tapped in to the life-is-a-vacation mindset. This song is a blessing for a Friday, the surest sign the weekend will be sunny and the bike lanes will be clear.

Download: Air France, "It Feels Good To Be Around You"

Air France, "It Feels Good To Be Around You" MP3